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Saw II - The Furnace (Theatrical Version)

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Eight people awake within a sealed house and are told via cassette tape that in three hours the exit to the house will open, however, they only have two hours to live as a deadly nerve agent is being pumped through the ventilation system of the house. The antidotes are hidden around the house, however, the catch is that littering the house are John's weapons of torture.

In the basement the group find a cassette tape explaining Obi's game. All he has to do is crawl inside a furnace and retrieve the two antidotes from within, however, one will come with a price.

Q: Why are there three antidotes if the tape only mentions two?
A: Watch again. There are only two antidotes. When Obi appears to grab the second antidote, he doesn't, his hand slips off the syringe, as the second syringe is on a chain. He then turns to lie on his back to give himself more leverage, hoping to have enough strength to pull the syringe free.

Q: How was Obi supposed to esape?
A: At 5:03 you can see a knob with a picture of the devil and the word "TWIST" next to it. Had Obi crawled back through the fire to twist it, he woud've shut off the gas and saved himself. This clarifies John's line in the tape, "once you're in hell, only the devil can help you out".

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