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Human Male Castration

Posted on 14th Feb @ 18:01 820,833 0 Download

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Educational video for human male castration.
This is my first video posted here. Just for some background on myself, I'm in school now working on becoming a veterinarian. I've neutered quite a few animals now, and have used this experience to castrate a willing male friend of mine (Not the man in this video! I do not claim to know the person in this video!). He's never been happier to be free of his hormones. I have first hand experience knowing that men are better off without their testicles. My violent brother lost his in an accident, and there was a HUGE change - no more violence from him, and he has become a positive member of society.
I know you men are naturally opposed to this idea, but there are only benefits to male castration, and no true reasons to keep the testicles. It makes sense to remove them. One day it will become common practice, such as with circumcision.
Please check for more details :)
And here :)

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