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Brantley Gilbert - Bottoms Up (cover) **NEW SONG**

Posted on 18th Dec @ 19:58 51,933 0 Download

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Brantley Gilbert - Bottoms Up (cover) **NEW SONG** New single off his new album coming in February and hope you guys like it! Thanks for stopping by, and please help me out with a Like, Share, Favorite and Subscribe.

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see you and me riding like bony and clyde
rolling 95 burning down 129 yeah
looking for the lawn while i push my luck

shes riding shot gun like it aint to thing
turn the radio up so the girl sing right
roll into the party like yall whats up?
tonight its bottoms up,

up throw it on down
light this quite little country town and get up
drop the tail gate on your truck, find a keg and fill your cup
up, kick it on back, pretty little mamma looking at you like that
make you wanna slide on in like girl wassup
tonight its bottoms up, up, up, get em up, x2

damn, girl i gotta tilt my hat, never thougt a country song would make you move like that yeah
and shes doin them daisy dukes
she got you tapin on your boys shoulder
hey dog check this out, man this how them girls do it in the dirty south yeah
she have you on a *knee can i marry you
and tonight its bottoms up up,


get em up, get em up, get em up


lets get a toast to them good times
all of yall get your drink up high
everybody feeling alright
damn right, cuz tonight its bottoms up

chorus x2

Brantley Gilbert - Bottoms Up
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