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Pillayarpatti * Karpaga Vinayagar ~

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Nattukottai Nagarathaar:-

These people are also called as 'Dhana Vanigar',who have resided at Karaikudi
and it's surroundings, which is in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, India. They
have created nine temples for them and based on the nativity of the temples,they divided themselves as divisions and make allaiance only in between them.Those nine temples are as follows :-

1. Mathur Temple
2. Nemam Temple
3. Pillayarpatti Temple
4. Eraniyur Temple
5. Vairavanpatti Temple
6. Elayattrumkudi Temple
7. Iluppaikudi Temple
8. Ariyakudi Temple
9. Velangudi Temple

Out of these 9 temples,Pillayarpatti temple has been very old temple. Lord Vinayagar has been praised as the first - worship god as well the presiding deity. Other names of this place had been Erukkattur, Marutharikudi ,Thiruveengaikudi, ThiruveengaikaramRajanarayanapuram,Marutharikur,ThenMaruthur and Pillai Nagar etc. Here the presiding deity has been called as Karpaga Vinayagar. He is also called as Dhesi Vinayagar, Karpagamurthy,Varatha Ganapathy.Karpa Kandru, Ganesapuresan ,Maruthangurarasu and Maruthangur Eesan etc.

This temple is a rock cut temple of having held the heritage of 2500 years of age. It's curved in a monolithic stone and the presiding deity lord 'Deshi Vinayagar' (now as Karpaga Vinayagar) and the Linga called as 'Thiruveesar', lord Sankara Narayanar Who is in standing posture, had been sculptured within it,as rock cut formation.As for evidence,there have been 14 inscriptions found on the right hand side wall of the shrine of the lord 'Thiruveesar'. At the year of 1284 only, the temple had been handed over to the 'Nagarathaars'.These inscriptions belonged to B.C. 500 to A.D 1284 as told.

One more evidence regarding the antiquity of the presiding deity lord Karpaga Vinayagar had been the signature of the sirpi, the architect who had sculptured that rock cut forms. He had sculptured his signature as 'Ekkatur kon peruparanan' alias Perunthachan in the format of Tamil 'Vari vadiva eluthu', once which had been used on A.D.500. But at that time, this Vinayagar had been called as 'Deshi Vinayagar' and later on, only after 1284, He has been called as Karpaga Vinayagar, since He has been like 'Karpa Virutcham' which is a heavenly tree
which could yield anything we want.

There are only two idols of lord Vinayagar found with two hands, one in here Pillayarpatti and the other one at 'Afganisthan'.Butin Afghanisthan,that lord Vinayagar is in standing posture,having worn a lot of jewels.But here in Pillayarpatti,He is in sitting position,called as 'Half pathmasana',otherwise called as 'meditation'.In this posture,He is keeping the 'Shiva Linga' at his right hand, instead the 'Mothagam' (sweet pan cake). Again His trunk has been tilted towards right and hence He has been called as Valampuri Vinayagar.

It's the grand festival celebrated here for 10 days. 9 Days, before this Chathurthi festival, the function has been started with having tied the 'Kaappu' (holy thread) and flag hoisted. The 1st day, the processional deity of Karpaga Vinayagar comes on His transcendental carrier of 'Moosik' (large rat - Bandicoot). The 2nd day, He comes on the carrier lion.The 3rd day, He comes on the carrier 'Bootha'.The 4th day,He comes on the carrier 'Lotus'.The 5th day,He comes on the carrier 'Silver Bull'.The 6th day,He comes on the carrier silver 'Elephant' and
Golden 'Moosik', the golden Bandicoot.

The 7th day, He comes on the carrier silver 'Peacock'. The 8th day, He comes on the carrier 'Horse'.The 9th day, He circumambulates in the temple car. As He killed the demon 'Gajamugasuran', the 6th day, He comes on double carriers of silver elephant and golden bandicoot. On the 10th day of this festival,at morning there has happened the 'Theertha Peru Vizhaa',a holy water festival.On this day, the processional deities of other gods also circumambulate the street around. It's good to follow the viratham of Chathurthi, coming on every month, esspecially on 'Snagadaghara Chathurthi'.

Kind information to You Tube :-

All the photographs, here used have been taken with my Nikon SLR D3100. These photographs have been converted into video by the use of 'MemoriesOnTV3'.The output of 'Mpg' video file has been converted into 'Flv' video file for the final input to the You Tube upload.

For the sound reproduction, i have used '', in order to create the musical piece in the user name of 'raakachi'. Here, i have created the musical pieces under the headings of 'Karpagavinayagar','Selvathunder' and 'Selvabirds'.
You can hear these musical notes @

For these all, i have got the authorship in,in the user name of 'raakachi'.


Selvaganapathy S

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