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Ghost Tales of Shiloh Battlefield

Posted on 17th May @ 16:56 7,926 0 Download

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The Battlefield of Shiloh in Tennessee. Our family enjoys learning about our history & 'haunted locations' in the Southeast US. There have been numerous reports of apparitions of Generals & Soldiers; When visitors become lost some have encountered a sympathetic woman in white,she is considered a helpful spirit. The sounds of the little drummer boy who couldnt drum retreat, but instead accidentally drummed charge have been heard - this one I am apt to contest as Clem - the little drummer - died at the age of 85 - not in battle or on a battlefield. Countless people have heard the echoes of cannons & gunfire & horses charging after the sun goes down, Then there is the "Bloody Pond" where soldiers & their horses died, turning the water a bloody red. People report seeing the pond turn red on certain days when the sun hits it just right. Are there ghosts at Shiloh Battlefield? Check our video & please visit our website as we visit "haunted locations" in the Southeast US.
Also at 1:57 there is a cannon or gunshot in the distance, but I never saw any re-enactments. But this park is large, so it is possible I could have missed it. Enjoy

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